Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When will they pronouce Barack Obama to be a kaafir?

Al Qaeda Declares War on Obama; In the terrorist group’s first video message to Obama since his election, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s number two, calls Obama a “House Negro” who “claims” to be Christian to be elected to high office. The new video says that because Obama has chosen to support Israel and has threatened to strike Pakistan and send thousands more troops to Afghanistan, he has decided to continue “the crimes of the American crusade.” More HERE.

This is militant Islam’s version of the welcome mat. And it shows that Al-Qaeda has apparently taken Obama at his word when the president-elect vowed to “defeat” the militant Taliban and organizations like Al Qaeda and hunt down Usama bin Laden. I have not heard Muslims call Obama a kaafir, but in Islamic terms, that is what he is, wit ha Muslim father. I wonder how this will impact the view of the Muslim world.

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Snake Oil Baron said...

I may be wrong but I had understood that all non Muslims were "Kafirs" (spelled various ways - like most Arabic words new to English) it is a derogatory term for infidel.

Murtad seems to be the term for apostate and according to Wikipedia: "A distinction is also made between "Murtad Fitri", an apostate who was born of Muslim parents, and "Murtad Milli", an apostate who had converted into Islam initially"

But I agree that it would be nice if AQ would just come out and be clear in calling him an apostate rater than claiming he is faking Christianity and is really a Muslim. Anyone else who claims that Obama is a Muslim pretending to be a Christian is called a racist but then AQ always gets treated with kid gloves so as not to offend the sensitive little darlings.