Friday, November 7, 2008

Prayer for Egyptian woman and her sons

Middle East Concern asks us for prayer for this situation. How lovely to live in democracies... and how tough it can be for our brothers and sisters in the lands of Islam.

On 21st October Middle East Concern requested prayer for Kamilia, an Egyptian Christian, and her two twin sons, Mario and Andrew, aged 14. She is appealing against the loss of custody of her sons to her ex-husband who changed the religious registration on the sons' birth certificates from "Christian" to "Muslim" three years ago.

We regret to report that Kamilia's appeal has been denied. However, a further submission is being prepared by her lawyers. Mario and Andrew will remain with Kamilia while the appeal process continues.

On 24th September an appeal court awarded custody to her ex-husband in spite of (i) Egyptian law's Article 20 that grants custody of children to their mothers until the age of 15 (ii) a fatwa, i.e. religious ruling, from Egypt's most senior Islamic scholar, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, stating that Kamilia should retain custody.

Egyptian Christians request our prayers that:
a. Kamilia, Mario and Andrew will know the presence and enabling strength of Jesus each day
b. Kamilia will regain legal custody of Mario and Andrew
c. Mario and Andrew's religious registration will be restored to "Christian"
d. All officials and lawyers involved will be convicted by the Spirit of the injustices in this case and act fairly
e. All non-Christians involved will hear the true message of Jesus, and be drawn to His acceptance and forgiveness of all that respond to His love for them

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