Saturday, November 8, 2008

Abuna Zakaria: was Muhammad from Allah or the devil?

Life TV’s Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to answering the question, “Was Muhammad a messenger from God or Satan?” As usual with these shows, viewers were asked to call in and respond to this question, with poll results revealed at the end of the show.

His co-host in this particular show was an ex-Muslim woman turned Christian, who, a few shows earlier, used to still wear a hijab, but not today---as Zakaria Botros put it, in English, her "new look." She said that such an offensive question—ascertaining the divine or demonic source of Muhammad’s prophethood—would have enraged her in former days, and how, till today even, it makes her feel awkward, uncomfortable. Such was her conditioning. Read further HERE on JihadWatch.

Jihadwatch has a long article on this very TV program; one of the interesting things Zakaria does, is to show how in Islam, Muhammad is much more important than Allah. Anyway, good reading. Pity that Jihadwatch puts these programs in the context of their own political goals, just a MEMRI does. Zakaria wants to proclaim the Gospel and lead Muslim to Christ; he has no interest in supporting the USA or Israel, as Jihadwatch and MEMRI do. A worrying thing actually; the missionaries are now used to defend the homelands? Not good.

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