Sunday, November 2, 2008

Islam and public order: house of cards

What would happen to Islam if the governments of the Muslim world would no longer come to its defence whenever Islam is 'under attack'? I think the religion as it is would collapse. It cannot do without the use of force.

The Moroccan government has banned an issue of the French magazine L'Express International, claiming it insults Islam in articles exploring the relationship between that religion and Christianity. Information Minister Khalid Naciri said Sunday that he had no choice but to ban the current issue because of the offensive nature of the articles it contained. The minister said the kingdom's press code allows the government to shut down or ban any publication deemed to offend Islam or the king. Naciri did not specify exactly what was considered offensive, but told The Associated Press that our country should not be used by anyone to spread articles that could be prejudicial to our religion or undermine public order.

Indeed. Censorship. Do not let people think for themselves. The brain-police is needed, or the house of cards collapses.

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