Friday, November 7, 2008

Seeing 'The Other' as the enemy - Arab Times

Khaled Aljenfawi writes a very useful article in the Arab Times newspaper about how in Arab society, 'the other' is seen. He point to the great ability in Arab society and education to make enemies of 'the others'. I wonder whether we do not have the same habit in all societies? This is a piece of what Khaled writes:
In schoolbooks of most Middle-Eastern curricula, the “Other” is usually portrayed as the enemy. He or she tends to be non-Muslim, preferably Christian or Jewish, and sometimes another Muslim individual who happens to hail from a different Islamic sect. In the case of Christians and Jews, a typical Arab curriculum usually represents them not as real, individual persons who breathe, eat, suffer, and die just like Arabs or Muslims, but rather as members of a threatening, alien group, using techniques of dehumanization and demonization. At times, it is taken to the extreme and calls for the annihilation of the “other.”
HERE the complete article.

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