Saturday, November 29, 2008

Islam would never condone the acts of barbarity in Mumbai

I read this in an editorial of The Daily Star of Lebanon:
The atrocity that occurred on the streets of Mumbai will unfortunately add to the pressures that ordinary Muslims around the world must face in this age of the global "war on terrorism." There will be those who will point to the attacks as "proof" that Islam is part and parcel with intolerance and barbarity. Muslims will again be forced to correct the ignorance that assumes the worst about Islam by ignoring a simple truth: that no religion in the world would condone such acts of depravity, least of all Islam.
Well well, brothers... Hollow words, I fear. I would have felt relief if the terrorists in Mumbai had been Hindu's, buddhists, sikhs, atheists, communists. But guess what. When the attacks began, we all knew immediately: Muslim extremists.

Indeed, to say that Islam is behind this, would be unfair. But it is more than fair to say: an important sect of Islam is behind it. Wahhabi. Salafi. What term shall we use?


Anonymous said...

Orthodox Islam.

John Stringer said...

eh... well as a non-muslim I do not think I am qualified to decide whether this is orthodox Islam. Most muslims would not agree with this.