Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ordination of female priests and pastors in the Arab World

Representatives of Middle Eastern Anglican, Lutheran and Reformed churches, meeting in Harissa, Lebanon, have voted unanimously in favor of the ordination of women as pastors.
"This is historic and allows us to move forward in a leading role," said Jerusalem Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan after the January 12 decision at the general assembly of the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches.
Younan, the fellowship's outgoing president, said the decision meant its 16 member churches were urged to open the door to the ordination of women pastors.
Rosangela Jarjour, the fellowship's general secretary, told Ecumenical News International in a January 15 email that, so far, Younan's Lutheran church, the Cairo presbytery of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, and the diocese of Khartoum of the Episcopal Church in Sudan had taken decisions to accept the ordination of women as pastors. Several other churches already ordain women as elders. MORE HERE

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