Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dina and Maher El-Gohary, Persecuted Coptic Christians Ask Obama for Help

The most recent example of a virulent Anti-Christian wave which has gripped Egypt is revealed in a touching and heart wrenching letter written by a fifteen year old Egyptian Christian girl named Dina El-Gohary. She sent the letter to President Obama. Through the World Wide Web - and the virtual community it promotes - it has now prompted a global response:

"Mr. President Obama," she wrote in Arabic, "we are a minority in Egypt. We are treated very badly. You said that the Muslim minority in America are treated very well, so why are we not treated here likewise? We are imprisoned in our own home because Muslim clerics called for the murder of my father, and now the Government has set for us a new prison, we are imprisoned in our own country."MORE HERE

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