Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rome hosts eucharistic celebrations in Arabic

Starting tomorrow, one of the most beautiful Paleochristian churches in Rome, Santa Maria in Cosmedin, will host Eucharistic celebrations in Arabic, which will become a weekly religious appointment for Middle Eastern worshippers. There are many Arabic-speaking Christians - especially Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese - who live and work in Rome, even on Sunday, Christian news agency MISNA explains. ''For them,'' said Archimandrite Mtanius Hadad - rector of the basilica, which for centuries has been entrusted to the Melkite Greek Catholic Church -, ''we decided to set one day a week, Thursday, to take part in a mass in their native language, but we are extending an invitation to all Romans to come and listen to the celebration with the Byzantine liturgy in Arabic.'' MORE HERE

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