Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Church in Algeria burnt down

The Tafat Protestant Church building in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria, was set on fire on January 9th, around 11:00 pm. "Tafat" means "light" in the Berber language. According to the church's pastor, Mustapha Krireche, "around twenty "bearded" men broke into the church, destroyed the chairs and doors and then set the building on fire."

According to Pastor Mustapha, earlier that same day, the day they normally gather together to worship, church members were forcibly prevented from entering the church. The same men who stopped them started destroying facilities. The police came and wrote down details of the incident, but the attackers returned during the night to burn down the building.
Already the Christians of the Tafat Protestant Church weren't able to celebrate Christmas as they had planned.
On Saturday, December 26th, while they were preparing a worship service in their new building to celebrate the birth of Christ, they were confronted by fifty Muslim demonstrators who threatened to kill Pastor Mustafa. One man cried out: "This is Muslim land; go somewhere else to pray!" The police intervened to avoid any violence. MORE HERE

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