Friday, January 8, 2010

In Kuwait, Church and State live together in harmony

Reverend Amanuel Benjamin Ghareeb (picture) has been the Pastor and caretaker of the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait for a decade. He was ordained on Jan. 8, 1999 in what was considered a unique event in the history of the Evangelical community of Kuwait.
What may be new information to many, Reverend Ghareeb is a Kuwaiti citizen. He was born in Kuwait in 1950 and has been living peacefully among his people, Muslims and Christians, throughout the country’s many ups and downs. This is what made his ordination as a Pastor special in the memories of many Christians as he was the first Gulf Arab to be designated for the Church. According to the Reverend minister, there are currently approximately 200 Christian Kuwaiti citizens residing in the country. MORE HERE

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shajahan said...

Respected Pastor,
Greetings to you in the name of our blessed Lord Christ Jesus.
I am Shajahan V Hassan ,born in a Muslim family of Kerala,India. Hering and believing the gospel of Jesus Christ i accepted Him as my personal saviour and Lord in the year 1985. Now i am serving the Lord as a full time pastor since 1990 in India and where ever God sent me in the world.
Pastor, i have heard about you since when you came to preach at Maramon convention in Kerala.
I am continuing by remember you in my prayer. May the Lord use you mightly for His glory and the expanssion of His Kingdom.
I am hereby richly welcome you to India for one MISSION TRAINING CONFERENCE which will be on focuse to train Pastors to reach Muslim community in India with gospel.
I would like to know when you are available to come in 2011.
Please not my e mail address for reply.
Thanking you,
With prayer and love,
Your brother by the blood of Jesus
Shajahan V Hassan,Pastor