Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas marred for Christians in some Islamic countries

Christmas was far from peaceful for Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt. Six teenage male Copts were killed as they left Midnight Mass early in the morning on Jan. 7, which was Christmas Day according to the Coptic calendar.
As well, a Muslim guard died and nine people were wounded by gunmen firing from a car outside the Church of the Virgin Mary in the town of Naq Hamadi, reported the Associated Press on Jan. 7.
Following the killings there were clashes between police and crowds of Coptic protestors. Further protests took place last Wednesday, when around 2,000 Coptic Orthodox Christians gathered outside the Cathedral of Abbasiya, Egypt's largest church, reported Reuters on Jan. 13.
According to the report, three suspects turned themselves in after the shootings. As well, security forces arrested a further 16 Muslims and 13 Christians following riots in Naq Hamadi. MORE HERE

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