Friday, May 8, 2009

Quran-only Muslims harrassed

Ahmed Mansour is the leader of a Muslim sect known as the Quranists. Mansour now lives in America and was one of the defendants in the Islamic Society of Boston lawsuit. Like all those with unconventional views, the Quranists have become a persecuted minority in that country, jailed, beaten and prevented from leaving the country. Ahmed sends in this update with their latest disturbing news:

Hereunder you will find details of a very disturbing news from Egypt regarding my brother, companion, and fellow scholar Abdellatif Saied. He invited to speak at a conference, organized by the Center for Study of Islam and Democracy, in the U.S. about the future of relations between Egypt and the U.S. After having his passport stamped for leaving at the airport, Abdellatif was called upon by security officers. He was interrogated for a while, and was finally prohibited from leaving the country, although there are no judicial rulings against his travel. His name, however; was on the not to travel list just because the state security does not want him to leave!


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