Friday, May 1, 2009

Egypt destroys church building in Marsah Matrouh

"When asked why the Government demolished the services building, the Church member commented: 'After a few days of purchasing the building, the Government had the suspicion, just a suspicion, that this building might become a church.... Although the services building has all the necessary documents and licenses, the demolishers said that the fence on the roof is a 'bit high', so rather than contacting the church to lower the roof fence by a couple of bricks or even demolishing the entire fence, instead the Government took the draconian action of demolishing the whole building including the construction columns, commented the church member." All in accordance with the Pact of Omar, when the second caliph placed a number of restrictions on Christians, such as not building new, or even fixing old, churches, and that Christian buildings can never be higher than Muslim buildings. MORE HERE

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