Thursday, May 14, 2009

History of the Ark of the Covenant: Islamic perspective

Q. I wanted to know more about the Islamic history of the Ark of the Covenant. How is it that the Ishmalite Mahdi will inherit it when it contains the relics of the family of Moses and the family of Aaron (and not the family of Prophet Muhammad)? How can you justify his inheritance of a treasure, which does not belong to him, nor his father as per your own Quran?

A. The Ark of the Covenant in Islamic traditions has a different origin than the Ark of the Covenant mentioned in the Bible. It is referred to as Tabut al-Sakina in the Holy Quran (al-Baqara, v.248).


The Ark of the Covenant is the name of a Heavenly treasure chest, which was used as a weapon of war by the Prophets, including Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon. The Holy Quran states... MORE HERE

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