Friday, May 29, 2009

ICC: Bashing Omar al-Bashir

He is hurt, angry and hunted by the International Criminal Court. He is also the first sitting president of a country to be issued with ICC arrest warrants -- in March this year. Amid resplendent chandeliers, I visited Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, in his palace in Khartoum in April.

Eschewing his field-marshal's uniform, and wearing traditional white flowing robes and a turban, the President said: "When Morgan Tsvangirai raised his hand to take the oath of office in the Zimbabwean government of national unity -- with Robert Mugabe -- all the international pressures and legal threats were forgotten. Maybe I should ask Tsvangirai to raise his hand here as well?"MORE HERE

Paul Moorcraft (picture) of the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis in the UK writes in The American Spectator why he does not agree with the ICC and its indictment against the Sudanese president.

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