Thursday, May 7, 2009

Christian Hospital in Egypt serving Muslims

A hospital in Egypt is challenging the inter-faith friction which has seen the country's Christians pitted against Muslims in sectarian disputes. Around 10 per cent of Egypt’s population are Coptic Christians, while the other 90 per cent are almost all Muslim. Tensions between the two communities often flare up in the form of attacks, riots and occasional killings.

However, one hospital run by the Anglican Diocese of North Africa is changing that. The Christian-run Harpur Memorial Hospital is serving the local Muslim population in the Nile Delta town of Menouf, reports Voice of America.

Unusually for a hospital, Harpur receives no funding from the government. Despite this, and the religious differences, people come from all over the region to be treated at the hospital owing to its good reputation.

Samir Bakheet, the gynaecologist who runs the hospital, said, "All the people here, most of them, are Muslim but they prefer to come here because they trust the hospital," reports Voice of America. HERE WHOLE STORY

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