Saturday, May 2, 2009

Western scholars and Muslims make new movie on Islam

Quran Contemporary Connections is a new Islamic movie that is currently generating great buzz on the internet. From Israel to Indonesia, China to Canada and the United Kingdom to the Unites States, the blogs are constantly buzzing. Some condemning it, others condoning it.

Quran contemporary connections is a film of immense historical and global importance as it examines the Quranic themes in an urban and contemporary background and establishes their compatibility with Western values. According to the film maker, Faruq Masudi, the Quran is already being played out in the Western societies, day in and day out. The film establishes the Quranic message as a universal truth that the West has already adopted, though involuntarily, and is not at loggerheads with it. The basis concepts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are same and are reshaped and rephrased in the film.

It says: Allah is not a Muslim specific God. Muslims do not have monopoly on him. He is not a Christian God. Christians do not have a monopoly on Him. He is not a Jewish God either. Jews do not have a monopoly on Him. His is just The God. Call him by whatever name you will. MORE HERE

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