Monday, January 5, 2009

War in Gaza: do not trust your TV news.

Stuart Fischoff, PhD in media from California (USA) advises us not to watch the news media for knowing what happens in Gaza. We watch the battles of opinion and perspective being waged across the TV screens and computer monitors between U.S. networks on cable and between national networks such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, news reports via the Internet from France or Germany. We are witness to escalating levels of blood-shedding fighting (self-defense or slaughter, pick your poison) and political rhetoric between adversaries in middle east as they invite sympathy or outrage through the media. We watch a battle for hearts, minds and imaginations raging in, through and sometimes in spite of the media coverage.


My advice. Escape the fog of the immediate. Read the newspaper tomorrow, pull back from TV's diorama of emotionalism, kabooms, conflagrations, pseudo-events by partisans, and news footage of angry, fist-raised sloganeers and demonstrators. They give much heat, pupil dilation and breathlessness -- yet very little light.

Why? Fischoff does not believe we can trust any TV media - too much spin. Read here on Psychology Today.

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