Friday, January 9, 2009

Danger of Sudan peace to collapse

World powers must step up efforts to ensure a landmark 2005 Sudan peace pact is fully implemented, a report said on Friday, warning that its failure could lead to Darfur-style crises erupting elsewhere in the country.

The peace agreement was signed in January 2005 by the Sudanese government and rebels, ending a 21-year conflict in the south in which an estimated 2 million people died.

A report by the London-based thinktank Chatham House, published on the fourth anniversary of the pact's signing, warned that the peace agreement was at a critical juncture.

A breakdown in the agreement would have devastating effects for all Sudan, the report said, adding that the oil-producing country faced a serious risk of fragmentation after decades of mismanaged and unequal development. Read more in International Herald Tribune.

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