Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saudi Arabia creating laws against Islamic Sharia

Steps are being taken in Saudi Arabia to set the minimum age for marriage at 16, according to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) there. Commission chiefs say the kingdom's Ministry of Justice has started to study ways to set a minimum age and that brides will have to be 16 or over for the marriage to be legal.

“The Justice Ministry’s initiative is a good sign and we absolutely welcome and support it. We will join all efforts to eliminate this phenomenon,” said Zuhair Al-Harithy, the HRC’s official spokesman in comments published by Arab News on Tuesday.

This is a radical issue in Saudi Arabia, as it means that they are legally admitting that marrying girls of 6, or 9 years old, is immoral. What about their own prophet Muhammad and his Ayesha? Ahhh... but that is different. He was perfect. That is why God permitted him things that other human beings cannot do. MORE HERE.

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