Friday, January 2, 2009

A Christian in the government of Kuwait?

In Kuwait, a hotly debated issues at the moment is whether a Kuwaiti Christian should be taken into the government as a minister.  The discussion began after a Kuwaiti pastor suggested that this would be a good idea. He attracted the attention of the media, winning the support of some. Any non-Muslim minister will have a tougher time winning over parliament’s hardline Islamists.

“The journalist, who was interviewing me about a week ago, asked about having a Christian minister,” said the Rev Amanuel Ghareb, who said he was the only pastor in the Arabian Peninsula with local citizenship. “I said we have people who could be chosen to be ministers. They are educated people. So this is my answer: why not? It was a wish. We are not asking for it.”

But Mr Ghareb’s “wish” snowballed. Television crews and journalists descended on his church for interviews and newspaper opinion columns mulled the idea.  HERE more about the debate in Kuwait in an article in The National of the UAE by James Calderwood. 

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