Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shiite scholar in Kuwait acquitted in Prophet companions defamation charge

The Arab Times reports that the Court of Appeals Monday ruled in favor of Shiite scholar Mohamed Baqer Al-Fali (left picture) and overturned the verdict of a lower court which had fined him KD 10,000 for defaming some close companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The court also acquitted him of the charge.

After the verdict was issued, one of the defense attorneys Khaled Al-Shatti told the Arab Times this verdict is a slap in the face of malicious people. Attorney Shatti added the verdict will be written in gold water and recorded in the white pages of the Kuwaiti judiciary. “I was certain there are people in this country with minds that can prevent sectarian sedition,” said Shatti.
“I appeal to the authorities to stop such people from continuing in their attempts to promote sedition which can lead the country on the road to hell” added Shatti.

During a previous session, 10 lawyers — Khaled Al-Shatti, Ali Al-Baghli, Jalil Al-Tabbakh, Adel Qurban, Abdul Aziz Taher, Abdul Majid Khuraibet, Khalil Ahmad, Hussein Al-Khashawi, Hamad Al-Mola and Saleh Zakariya — defended Fali.

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