Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google helps Saudi Arabia oppress the Church

Saudi blogger Hamoud Bin Saleh has been arrested for being a Christian. Yes, Saudi Arabia is called a 'moderate Arab state'. That country should have been invaded instead of Iraq... There was more liberty for the Church in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, than in Saudi Arabia.

Google's blogspot platform has actually helped Saudi Arabia: the blogspot of Saleh cannnot be accessed. Have a look here al Saleh's website!

Is becoming a Christian a 'possible terms of service violation'? Or is Google worried that Saudi Arabia may take action? Sure, business must go on, throw another Christian into the lion's den. Maybe we have to be more careful with our SrFrancisMagazine blog?

Funny is, that we can use Google's own cache to undermine its censorship. See what Saleh wrote before he was arrested: click here. Well, that is what I wrote originally; today. on 31 January, the cache can no longer be accessed. Google took action and also blocked the cache. This is the message there:

Sorry for the bad quality picture; but you may see the progress. Google now says that the blog is in violation of Blogger Terms of Service. It would be interesting to know which one? Conversion from the Islamic faith to the Christian faith?

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Glenn Penner said...

The cache doesn't work anymore. A real shame that someone did not save this before Google locked it down