Friday, February 20, 2009

Saudi Muslim cleric warns: biofuels could be sinful

A prominent Muslim scholar in Saudi Arabia has warned that those using alcohol-based biofuels in their cars could be committing a sin. Haha - is he worried that Saudi's oil becomes useless? Islam warns against drinking alcohol - but why would it be wrong to use it as fuel?

The warning was issued by Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, a member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, an institute that studies Islamic jurisprudence for the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, an international group with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. According to the Al Arabiya News Channel, an international news outlet is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mr. Najim directed his warning to Saudi youths studying abroad.

Al Arabiya notes that Najimi stressed that this warning was not an official fatwa, or religious edict, just his personal opinion. Najimi added that the issue “needs to be studied by the relevant religious bodies.”


John Burgess said...

Actually, this cleric is a flake.

Saudis use alcohol in medications when there's no substitute. Even more shocking, they approve of the use of a pig's heart valve when there's not alternative.

This guy is spouting his own, ignorant opinion.

Snake Oil Baron said...

It may not be a unanimous opinion but there are Muslim health care workers who refused to use hand-sanitizers containing ethanol and some Muslim community had complained about a pork processing factory in their neighborhood because they were concerned about microscopic pork particles getting inside them from the ventilation emissions. There are a lot of "flake" clerics out there and every Muslim can choose whose opinion to be influenced by (at least until a state adopts sharia law).

And even if you consider him a flake, the fact that he speaks as a member of a prestigious organization studying Islamic law means that not all Muslims will.

Lots of Catholics still eat fish on Fridays even after the Vatican told them it was no longer religious duty. If you can convince people that something is "Islamic" or "un-Islamic" (this holds for other religions) then it becomes the reality.

Charles said...

Can you say fanatic?