Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Explaining the Fatherhood of God to Muslims...

Mission Frontiers had an article about the Fatherhood of God in its latest issue. The article can be found HERE. The article upsets me! It discusses the Fatherhood of God, in my opinion, from a wrong starting point.

We must first look at the meaning of 'Father' in the God-Jesus relationship. Indeed, to speak of physical fatherhood in that case is not correct, but Father does designate the God from whom the Son 'generated' in a very substantial manner. There is equality in substance.

Many efforts to explain 'Father' in a non-physical manner make the term mean something less than what the word Father means in the New Testament. We call God 'Father', in the very first place, because He is the Father of his Son, Jesus Christ. IN CHRIST He is our Father. This means that whenever we try to understand the Fatherhood of God - that and nothing else should be the starting point.

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