Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Middle East Times: truths and lies about its religious owners

Claude Salhani, an editor of The Middle East Times writes an article this week against Jihad al-Khazen of the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper for lying about the religious affiliation of the Middle East Times. No wonder; in the sensitive environment of Egypt Middle East Times had to clean its tarnished image! Khazen was speaking of the Middle East times as the "Jewish Middle East Times Magazine." The response of Middle East Times:

Khazen's information in attributing a religious affiliation to the Middle East Times was completely erroneous.[...]

The Middle East Times prides itself as being one of the rare, if not the only publication dedicated to coverage of the Middle East to not openly take sides in the Arab-Israeli dispute. We offer a voice and a forum to both sides on an equal basis. In fact, we are often accused by both sides of supporting the other; a clear indication that we are doing something right.

We do need to point out that he [...] is engaging in "Goebbelsian" tactics in meshing half-truths with half lies and mixing them in with truth and fact - the perfect way to disseminate propaganda.

As journalists trying to report the truth, let us not add to the untruths.

Absolutely! But Middle East Times, then you must not lie as well. Indeed, I am sure there is no 'Jewish' money behind you. But your weekly is owned by News World Communications, Inc. and that is owned by the Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Even a cursory search makes that clear. See Wikipedia! Would you not think that it is 'untruth' to claim that you have no religious affiliation? Or has the Unification Church sold Middle East Times? Maybe you can clarify?

Mind you! I am not complaining about the Middle East Times. I like the weekly, I like its independent reporting. But eh.... there IS a religious affiliation.

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