Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book by Jalal Amin very critical of the Egyptian state under Mubarak

A new book assessing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s era described his state as weak, purposeless, driven by individual rather than national interests and plagued by unprecedented corruption.

The book, titled “Egypt and Egyptians in Mubarak’s Era 1981-2008,” carries ruthless criticism of Mubarak’s era, concluding that Egypt is currently in “a state of ordeal” on all political, social and economic fronts.

It dismisses the state under Mubarak’s rule as “weak, having neither the capacity nor the will to sanction those who violate the law, has no national project or patriotic objective that the people can rally around, and accords more importance to satisfying external forces which protect it, keep it in power and provide it with assistance than to satisfying the people. All this happens at a juncture where Egypt has opened up the world and to high consumption levels…”

More on Jalal Amin's book in the LA Times HERE.

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