Friday, July 31, 2009

Why a private television channel in Palestine

A state-run television channel and a few domestic terrestrial stations, which mostly re-run programmes from other satellite channels, are almost all that is on offer in the Palestinian Territories. Two other outlets — Al Aqsa, set up by Hamas in Gaza, and Al Quds, which many brand as Hamas-light — are partisan stations. The private sector, so far, has shown very little interest in television broadcast, probably due to the uncertainty that characterises the situation in Palestine and the considerably high risks involved in launching a private television channel.

Today, after years of state-run or partisan media outlets in Palestine, the time has come for a new satellite television channel that is entirely private: a channel that does not belong to a particular political party or governmental body but one that aspires to reflect the interests of the overwhelming majority of Palestinians, those living in the Palestinian territories and in the Diaspora. Such a channel would also provide the Israeli enemy/neighbour with a unique window onto aspects of Palestinian society with which it is completely unfamiliar. MORE HERE

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