Friday, July 10, 2009

Seven christians beheaded in Somalia

Seven Somalis accused of renouncing Islam and spying for the government were beheaded by Islamic insurgents today in a brutal reminder of the rebels' growing authority.

The killings were carried out by the extremist al-Shabaab group, which is fighting the interim government in Mogadishu and has implemented a strict interpretation of Islamic law in those parts of the country that it controls.

“Al-Shabaab told us that they were beheaded for being Christian followers and spies,” a relative said after the executions were carried out. A witness described seeing the decapitated bodies lying in the back of a truck in the town of Baidoa.

Today's killings were the largest number to take place at one time. But there were only the latest in a series of beheadings, amputations and stoning to death ordered by al-Shabaab, which is accused of having links to al-Qaeda and is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States. MORE HERE

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