Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Debate in Indonesia about new bible translation

The Indonesian organization Yayasan Lentera Bangsa has published a new translation of the Bible in Indonesian. Allah does not appear in the Kitab Suci Indonesian Literal Translation (KS-ILT). Instead, the publishers transliterated Hebrew terms (such as Elohim) and substituted some less-common Indonesian names for God.

"Coincident with the forbidding of the use of Allah by non-Muslims in Malaysia, we think it is the time for us to release ourselves from the dilemma," said editor Jahja Iskandar.

Mainstream churches, however, have been hostile to the KS-ILT. Neither the Bible Society of Indonesia nor that of Malaysia has approved the translation. The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) of Malaysia issued a statement "strongly opposing" the translation. "We continue to maintain the right to use Allah as it has been so used for over 300 years in Malaysia," the group said.

Evangelical observers support NECF's move. "Theologically and missiologically, Allah is a very appropriate way [for Southeast Asian Christians] to refer to God," said Ajith Fernando, national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka. MORE HERE in Christianity Today


Anonymous said...

[The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) of Malaysia issued a statement "strongly opposing" the translation. "We continue to maintain the right to use Allah as it has been so used for over 300 years in Malaysia," the group said]

Even when it is found wrong? Still maintain for the sake of 300 years using of the wrong things?

Easy and logical, those who still call "Allah" to address the almighty "YAHWEH", better starting to use Hallelu-lah (for allah) instead of Hallelu-jah (for yahweh), or better starting being arabic for the most extent, praise GOD using Allah-hu-akbar, instead of Hallelujah, greeting each other not using hello or shalom, but using assalam-mu-a-laikum

Ask anyone, will the name of one proudly change to be accepted locally? For example, Mr.Brian Smith (kindly apologize, it is just an example) of United States of America citizen, being in Middle East, change his name into Baharuddin Samir because it is the way people call that, therefore, everybody who enter Middle East must be addressed like those of Middle Eastern. What about your name? Do you willing it to be changed? Well, I personally, don't want to be changed. I am who I am. Mr.Brian Smith in USA or in anywhere in the universe (even when he is visting planet Mars), the passport and any of his identity stays the same, Mr.Brian Smith, that it is, no more.

Especially GOD the almighty, creator of everything. HIS name is YHWH (the tetragramaton) or called YAHWEH. Even Hallelujah, is spoken Hallelu-yah (the "yah" is addressing "Yahweh")

Those who opposed, considered yourself been told about the truth. YAHWEH in the name of YESHUA HAMASIAH blesses you all.

dav quinton said...

A very good comment above by iNatural.

I concord, having used the wrong name for Yahweh for 300 years makes it the right thing to do even now, does it really? Man's tradition thus interprets the command and word of Yahweh. To who's detriment? All of Malaysian and Indonesian Christians using the Alkitab with its profound errors!

Any one can investigate where Allah comes from. And it is not 'illah' just the Arabic for God (as in a predicate or rank) but it is Allah the name of the moon god which has been worshipped for millenia in Mekkah, even before Islam assumed it as the only god of all Muslims.

Allah is the god of the people of Ishmael. Even until today. It is not the name of God whom Abraham and Israel have believed. The promises were given to the children of Abraham, who are of Isaac. Salvation does not come throug Ishmael. Therefore we follow the God of Israel and we must know his name.

Yahweh says, This is my name through all generations (Exod 3.15) And yet nearly all Bible translations translate YHWH into a predicate meaning Lord, or God! As if YHWH was a predicate -it is the NAME of our God, the living God, who has sent His only Son into the world to show us the love of Father who is YHWH and to die for our sins.

Thank God there are some translations (Khmer, Batak, Jerusalem) that recognise that YHWH is the name of God and have not replaced it as many others have. When it is replaced, who will study and discover it? So few will ever study and understand the eternal significance of that NAME because it is covered and hidden and even replaced with the name of a false god! O Lord have compassion on our sin!

All the gods of the nations are idols [vanity] but YAHWEH made the heavens -1 Chron 16 v26.

Some will argue that people non-Hebrew will not understand who YAHWEH is. But do we understand who Yeshua is from the Bible or from the TV? Surely we all have to learn from the Holy Word who our God is. He is not known from our ancient traditions. And who said that YAHWEH is a Hebrew word? We only know it from its Hebrew letters, but men began to call on the name early on, before it was written. It is the name that the God of Israel began revealing even after the days of Noah. Through His power and love and redemption and judgment the Lord has shown us who YAHWEH is.

Halleluyah, Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good, his loving faithfulness is forever!