Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who is qualified to speak for Islam?

“You are not qualified to talk about Islam.” How many times have I heard and read that same line, again and again?

And, more often than not, the same sentence is uttered or written by precisely the sort of self-trained autodidact whose own knowledge of Islam came from whatever he or she read on the Internet or some cassette he bought at the local market.

It has become rather commonplace for conservative Muslims – as well as conservative Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews – to claim monopoly over the discourse of Islam and to try their best to close off the space of public discourse on all matters religious for the sake of protecting the integrity and sanctity of that discourse.

Or so we are told. HERE MORE

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Abu Daoud said...

I just say, "according to the historical, scholarly consensus." The problem is that you have to really know the the history to say this, but you can't shoot it down because then you are voicing the opinion of the umma over the ages (ie, ijma3).