Sunday, June 14, 2009

Secrets of Algeria’s wealthy people

Algeria is a young country run by a old men. Just take a walk in the administrations of the major companies in the country to discover the unchallenged domination of the old and the almost total absence of young people at the helm of these companies, whether they are public or private. Young people have realized that the world of finance and business is no longer based on work and knowledge but rather on authoritarianism, corruption and plunder. Omar Rebrab, CEO of Hyundai Motors Algeria (Photo)

Known for his sincerity and frankness, Omar Rebrab, CEO of one of the most important representative of a commercial vehicle brand in Algeria “Hyundai”, told us about his experience in the world of investment and business. He was able to make a name as one of the young investors who have managed to run a modern company based on the international economic criteria and standards and skilled Algerian youth trained by Algerian universities. MORE ON ENNAHAR ONLINE

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