Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Using Ashoora as a bridge

From a friend in the region of the Persian Gulf, I received this helpful article on how to interact with Shi'ite Muslims about Jesus Christ, using the Ashoora events as the starting point. 
Ashoora is a time of deep spiritual significance for Muslim, especially Shi’a, people. The purpose of this document [see HERE] is to help you meaningfully discuss Ashoora with your Shi’a friend, so you may both grow in appreciation of each other’s faith. The method is to outline some of the similarities between the Shi’a view of Ashoora and the Christian view of Easter.

Ask your Shi’a friend if you can go to an Ashoora event with him. It is quite a powerful experience and you will have much to discuss ... etc. 
Thanks for this and continue a steady flow of helpful articles like this to us!

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