Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do not use the Qur'an to prove that Jesus is God, says this Muslim

Some missionaries like to use the Qur'an as a source for showing Muslims that their own Holy Book says that Jesus is divine. Here is the response of a Muslim to this, and I actually agree with him: If you use the Qur'an to prove Jesus is divine, then you must also use the rest of the Qur'an, where we read that He is not the Son of God, and that there is no Trinity, etc.
I read that the Church quotes some verses of the Qur’aan to prove that ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) is the “son of God.” Their evidence is that when Allaah was alone He said, “Verily, I am Allaah! Laa ilaaha illa Ana (none has the right to be worshipped but I)” [Ta-Ha 20:14 – interpretation of the meaning], in the singular; but when He created ‘Eesa the style used in some verses changed to the plural, as in the verses (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, We, it is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur’aan)” [al-Hijr 15:9] and “And certainly We! We it is Who give life, and cause death” [al-Hijr 15:23]. And they say, God is speaking in the plural, i.e., in the sense of “God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit”.
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