Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jamal al-Banna's new book: critique of Bukhari and Muslim

Jamal al-Banna, a younger brother of Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) has just published a book in which he argues that 653 of the hadiths as written in al-Bukhari and Muslim are incorrect and should not be accepted. The Arabic book is titled The Cleansing of Bukhari and Muslim from useless Hadiths (2008).

After the Qur’an, al-Bukhari’s collection of hadiths (the acts and sayings of the prophet Muhammad) is considered the most sacred book in Islam; never before has any Muslim scholar who lives in the Arab world, thrown so much doubt – publicly - on the sources of Islam.

But Mr Jamal al-Banna (86 years old now) is used to being attacked by al-Azhar, and he says he does not care. He excludes six kinds of hadiths:
  • Those that explain the Qur’an: the Qur’an can’t by explained by hadiths.
  • Those that talk bad about women - like the one’s that call them equal to dogs and cows and to beat them up and so on.
  • Those that forbid the freedom of religion and that threaten those who leave Islam.
  • Those with extreme ideas for encouraging people into Islam and the ones threatening people wit physical violence.
  • Those that talk about Muhammad’s miracles.
  • Some others of which he thinks that the story is not true at all.
Here an interview with him in 2005, in which he is also critical of the usage of the hadiths.


Snake Oil Baron said...

Unfortunately he has no chance of success. For Muslims to accept that these Hadith are flawed they would have to explain how Allah allowed them to be accepted and retained for so long. Then they would need to ask how anyone could be sure about any Hadith. Without the Hadith, commands for Muslims to follow Mohamed as a perfect example in his words and deeds would be foolish since the Hadith are the only source of information about what he said and did.

But his words might get some more Muslims thinking about these issues and interested in how the doctrine of Islam came to be. Such knowledge is very dangerous to Islam.

Dhivehi Resistance said...

Muslims thinking? very unlikely..they are trained NOT TO THINK. They are trained to RECITE!
What have they been doing for 1400 years? Reciting....

Anonymous said...

At least one person has got the courage to challenge the lies that Bukhari and Muslim propagate in the name of Islam and Hadith. However it might not be out place to mention that most of these false hadith are quoted in these stupid books from one lier Abu Huraira who became Muslim in the later years of the Prophet Mohammad PUBH. Not surprisingly he was a Yemeni Jew who propbably converted to Islam only to berate it from inside just as St Paul who was the head rabbi of his times converted to Chtistianity to spoil the Bible from inside. Poor believers of Bukhari and even poor the Believers of St Paul. No wonder the Jews are reviled even after 3000 years of their existence.

Anonymous said...

I commend Jamal Banna for bringing forth this issue. Hadith has plagued the muslims for 1200 yrs (since they started showing up 200 yrs after Prophet Muhammed's death). Hadith has been used to come with the so called Shariah law which by all standards is entrenched in making lives more miserable than comfortable e.g. adulterers should be stoned to death. That is not in the Quran (however it is in Torah).

As per Snake Oil Baron's comments, what Anonymous said was exactly true and further more about Allah allowing the hadith to persist "wrong" remains in the world so human beings can tested. Muslims were given the Quran so why are they relying on hadith.

Yes, muslims can not think they only recite and try to take the easy way out.

And yes, I am a muslim too.

Bilal said...

as a Muslim, I would never see this as a "detriment" to Islam - rather, only a service if verified. Remember everyone, our holy book is the Quran - and not Bukhari or Muslim! Get your free Quran at with free shipping as well!

theNabster said...

Snake Oil Baron, get your facts right...
have you ever read, or made a genuine effort to understand to Quran?
because all we need about the life of the messenger Mohammed is recorded in the Quran, so no need for extra material, and besides, the Quran itself advocates that it is a complete scripture, with reference to the Torah and Gospel as complement which It validates.
Islam is based on Quran only as clearly explained in the Quran itself.
The sectarians use the Quran to recruit people to Islam, as it is very logical and reasonable, and when you are trapped as a sectarian Muslim, they pile up on you their distinctive traditions, which they then label as the correct islam, which is in fact Islamism and has nothing to do with Islam, those traditions are based on narrations about the life of the Prophet Mohamed, which are not sanctioned by the Quran, and in fact are unauthorised, still they were gathered compiled 200 years after his death, and are the root cause of the whole mess the muslims are in, including jihadism, whoever becomes a muslim must be aware of this!!!
And FYI Not only there is no compulsion in the system of faith of islam, but the system is meant to be secular and not mandatory, i.e. with no imposed laws (so-called sharia) by the state.
Everything has to be arrived by consensus (through shura:consultation) with elected leaders.
The moral backbone as a reference are the Torah, Gospel and Quran, this is Islam for you, not a state, but a framework which is voluntary...
Of course 1200+ years of brain washing and mingling with several agendas from various "tribes" (the fiercest and most brutal of which were the mongols, with the sneakiest and most tortuous one being the persians) gave us what we have now, a cacophony of dysfunction that is pretty explosive...

Ya'sin Al-Sabr said...

@Snake Oil Baron:You said, "Unfortunately he has no chance of success. For Muslims to accept that these Hadith are flawed they would have to explain how Allah allowed them to be accepted and retained for so long. "

Foot in mouth disease sir:
6:148 Those who Share (Allah's Authority) say: If Allah pleased we would not have set up nor our fathers, nor would have made anything unlawful. Thus did those before them reject (the truth) until they tasted Our punishment. Say: Have you any knowledge so you would bring it forth to us? You only follow a conjecture and you only tell lies.
6:149 Say: Then Allah’s is the conclusive argument; so if He had pleased, He would have guided you all.
6:150 Say: Bring your witnesses who bear witness that Allah forbade this. If they bear witness, then do not thou bear witness with them. And follow not the low desires of those who reject Our messages and those who believe not in the Hereafter, and they make (others) equal with their Lord.
6:151 Say: Come! I will recite what your Lord has forbidden to you: Associate naught with Him and do good to parents and slay not your children for (fear of ) poverty -- We will provide for you and for them -- and draw not nigh to indecencies, open or secret, and kill not the soul which Allah has made sacred except in the course of justice. This He enjoins upon you that you may understand.
6:152 And approach not the property of the orphan except in the best manner, until he attains his maturity. And give full measure and weight with equity -- We impose not on any soul a duty except to the extent of its ability. And when you speak, be just, though it be (against) a relative. And fulfil Allah’s covenant. This He enjoins on you that you may be mindful;
6:153 And (know) that this is My path, the right one, so follow it, and follow not (other) ways, for they will lead you away from His way. This He enjoins on you that you may keep your duty.

Read the Qur'an, then your foot won't be placed in your mouth, as you just said the same thing that those Arabs said during Muhammad's lifetime. -Y.M. Riley

Bomodeoku Waliyullah said...

Who told u we don't think. The Holy Book which we recite and follow has instructed us to think in several places. Our Lord said"...afala ta'qilun"
"...don't u think"
Now the real question is, do u? Because if u do, u won't go around blaspheming against us. We believe in peace and u should too

Bomodeoku Waliyullah said...

I think people are losing the real aim of this book written by Jama Al-Bana, the book is aimed at cleansing Bukhari and Muslim of false hadith