Monday, October 6, 2008

Mubarak proves to be a dictator

Interesting news from our brothers in Egypt... Mubarak, its president, has pardoned an outspoken newspaper editor sentenced to jail earlier this month for publishing false information about Mr. Mubarak's health. An Egyptian appeals court last month ruled that Ibrahim Eissa should spend two months in prison, prompting sharp criticism from press freedom groups and pro-democracy activists.

Eissa is editor-in-chief of the independent "Al-Dustour" daily newspaper. He was prosecuted for publishing stories last year saying President Mubarak, now 80 years old, was in poor health. A lower court originally sentenced him to six months with labor. Eissa has been facing a number of other court cases over the past year stemming from his reports critical of Egyptian leaders.

By overturning the ridiculous decision of the court, Mubarak shows the almighty power that he has. He is above the law, like all Arab rulers we live under. Thereby proving the point of Mr Eissa. Thanks to VOA for this story.

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