Monday, October 27, 2008

Church and repression of media in Egypt

The MidEast News Source reports about repression of the media in Egypt. With the coming demise of president Mubarak and the appointment of his son as the new king, sorry, president, it seems the authorities try to be ready for total media control.

The Church in Egypt should dare to speak out against these repressive measures, but it will probably not do so; usually the Church is quit satisfied when radical Islam is suppressed.
Eleven media executives have been arrested in Egypt on charges of belonging to an Islamic organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the newspaper The Daily News Egypt.

Not only these radical Muslims but also the totally secular Cairo Media Company (CMC) is the victim of the government. It was today fined $27,000 by a local court for breach of media-related permits and possessing equipment without permits. The CMC made headlines earlier this year for distributing footage of demonstrators tearing up and stamping on posters of Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak.
CMC owner Nader Gohar told Al-Jazeera that the verdict meant that he probably would be out of business within six months to a year and that five or six other media companies in Cairo were heading the same way.

The Church should be wise and show its protest against these abuses of the freedom of speech.

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