Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Allah no longer has 99 most beautiful names

During the last weeks, scholars at al-Azhar have agreed to dump some of Allah's most beautiful names. The firebrand sheikh Yusuf al-Badri has even started a courtcase in Egypt to forbid any singing of the 99 most beautiful names.

What is happening to Islam? Are the foundations shaking? Ah.. it is this Coptic-Orthdox priest Zakari. On his daily TV program on LifeTV (owned by Joyce Meyer by the way...) he has been tearing these 99 names apart. And Islamic scholars had to agree with him. How can you call Allah, just to give a few examples, The Hurtful (al-Dharr), or the Useful (al-Nafia).

About 20 more names are now seen as too problematic to be used. A clear proof that the Christian TV broadcasts to the Arab World are not in vain; beside leading many to Christ (see HERE for instance), they are obviousuly impacting Islamic theology. Here the 99 names, on a Sufi website, as long as it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Not one even the Christians in the west will accept Coptic Egyptians as normal human beings. They are mentally ill and isolated in their evil dungeons. So they will make stupid statements like this to catch attention.

John Stringer said...

Hello sir

Christians here in the west accept Coptic-Orthodox Christians; in spite of some minor areas of disagreement, we recognize them fully as followers of Jesus Christ. So that we do not see them as human beings is a rather strange statement.

They make stupid statements? What do you mean? It is people like sheikh Yousef al-Badri, a Muslim, who wants to do away with some of the 99 names.

Do you think this matter others the Copts a lot? They know the most beautiful name of God, Allah Mahabba.

Aacharya Ji said...

this post is very useful for me. lot of thanks sharing this post.


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