Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why did Muhammad have so many wives?

The Pakistan Daily answers a question about the insatiable interest of the prophet of Islam for acquiring women. The question, from what I guess is a kafir who likes to tarnish the image of the prophet, is this:

Why is it that, if Islam only permits up to four wives, and even then does not encourage it, Muhammad took nine wives? Also, one of his wives was only seven years old when he married her, and nine when he consummated the marriage, according to some Websites. This seems to me akin to child molestation!

Also, one of his children was not from one of his wives, but from one of his "right-hand possessions" to quote your own Web site. Why is a woman called a possession? Is this a concubine? Why did he have intercourse outside of wedlock? Weren't nine women enough for him? Muhammad's own lifestyle seems to contradict the very teachings Islam claims regarding marriage and women.

The answer is interesting because here you have all rationalizations for Muhammad's harem together. Not very convincing for me, but then, I am biased. Laughable is the quote from the Mormons. Would any serious person in the Western world take their view on wives seriously?

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