Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two blogs to watch

Today I came across a blog by J. Shaw, on matters related to Islam. I noticed that he discussed an article by our own writer, Rev. Bassam Madany. Have a look here how he discussed Madany's article on the The Church Facing the Global Challenge of Islam, published on StFrancisMagazine. By the way, Shaw is a double masters student at the University of Texas at Austin (USA). He is on staff at his local church, The Austin Stone Community Church.

Interesting to see one other contributor to StFrancisMagazine, Abu Daoud, interact with Shaw on his criticism. A small world indeed :-) If you have not looked at Abu Daoud's blog Islam and Christianity, do so now. Looking at the number of postings of Abu Daoud, you would think he has a full time blogging ministry. The man is married and has kids. Does his wife never complain? Can you teach me the trick?


shaw said...

thanks for the hat tip!

yes, abu daoud and I always enjoy our lively discussion over the blogosphere! we differ sometimes in opinion but share similar passions for the Kings glory in the MENA.

John Stringer said...

Hello Shaw - nice to see you here. I enjoyed your blog. And you are unique... the first one to respond here ;-)