Saturday, May 17, 2008

British Muslims for a milder Islam

In England, the Quilliam Foundation publishes books and organizes lectures for convincing Muslims in the UK that Islamism is a wrong interpretation of Islam. It says of itself that it is 'a counter extremism think tank. Created by former activists of radical Islamist organisations, our founders are familiar with the mindset and methods of extremist groups. Now under the guidance of mainstream Muslim scholars, we believe that Western Muslims should revive Western Islam, our Andalusian heritage of pluralism and respect, and thereby find harmony in West-Islam relations.'

It is interesting to see whether organizations of this sort will be able to influence the millions of subcontintental Muslims in the UK. Also, in their opposition to Islamism, will they simply return to conservative Islam, or will they create an Islam that is mostly 'for the heart'?

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