Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anti-Christian violence in Iraqi Mosul

Iraqi Christians have requested our prayers following a series of incidents in the northern city of Mosul and the areas nearby. Tensions are heightened following the start of campaigning for the parliamentary election scheduled for 7th March.

On 16th February two Christians students were shot in a drive by shooting, killing one and injuring the other. Later that day two Christian students were kidnapped, though it is unknown if a ransom has been sought. On 15th a Christian man was killed in front of his shop in a drive by shooting. On 14th another Christian man was killed in his home by an armed man who forced his way into the house. There are unconfirmed reports that three other Christians have been killed whilst attempting to leave Mosul.

On 13th February one Christian was abducted. His family have received a large ransom demand. The usual practice in Iraq is that if a ransom is not paid then the victim is killed. However, there is scope for negotiation, and the ransom paid is often much less than the initial demand.

There has been a pattern of violence against Christians in Mosul since October 2008.

Iraqi Christians supporting these believers request our prayers that:
a.  The bereaved will know the Lord's comfort and presence
b.  The wounded and traumatised will know the Lord's healing and peace
c.  The authorities would do all they can to improve security for all citizens of Mosul, and to promote multi-religious tolerance
d.  The election process will lead to greater stability and a reduction in violence across the country in general and in Mosul in particular

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