Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angry Saudi schoolgirls terrorize school in Mecca

Hundreds of angry students start screaming. Together they charge a nearby classroom. They break tables and chairs, destroy the school kitchen and attack the headmistress. Shoes, pens and books are thrown at her, she is threatened with death, and forced to run back and lock herself into her office for protection.
Such a scene would scare parents, teachers, education officials and local police in any country.
It takes on a whole new meaning when it takes place at a girls' school in Mecca, Islam's holiest city, on the eastern seaboard of Saudi Arabia, a country known for its strict controls on women's behavior and an extensive internal security apparatus.
According to police and local Saudi media reports, the incident began Monday when Hasna Al-Ghafari, the headmistress of the 17th Intermediate Girls' School in Mecca, was told that a group of girls were sending each other obscene video recordings on their mobile phones. MORE HERE

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