Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The age of Maronite mediocrity

As Lebanon and elsewhere celebrated the feast day of the holiest saint in the Maronite church this week, it might not be a “politic” occasion to say it, but there are times when one must dot the Is and cross the Ts, as the Arabic expression has it. Under such conditions, the role of a newspaper or other media consists of stating the obvious. It might not be a particularly new idea, but it’s the media’s duty to relay the concerns of many, and, as they say, state it “for the record.” 
We live in the age of Maronite political mediocrity. This week’s celebrations of the Saint Maroun feast day transcend all Maronite political leaders, and their unfortunate division this year into simplistic pro-Syrian and pro-something-else camps. It’s a case of mediocrity, unfortunately, bringing the angels to the ground. MORE HERE

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