Monday, December 14, 2009

Who is this Majed el Shafie from Egypt?

We are curious whether of our brothers in Egypt, anyone knows more of this gentleman who calls himself 'Rev Majed al-Shafie'?  This is what we see on his website:
Born in Cairo , Egypt into a prominent Moslem family of Lawyers and Following in the footsteps of his father and uncles, he too chose to become a lawyer.
Through the witness of his best friend, Tamir, he experienced the love of Christ and made the decision to give his life and service to the LORD.
He began the mission to bring the Christian community all the same legal rights as the Moslem community in Egypt . He began a ministry which in just 2 years grew to 24,000 Christians. The Egyptian Government did not tolerate this and Majed wound up in the torture section of the Abu Zaabel prison in Cairo. MORE HERE

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Anonymous said...

What do church leaders in Egypt know about him? He seems to be a lone ranger with horrifying allegations about persecution against Arab Christians, yet without much evidence. Tell me who his friends are and I will know who he is.