Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Egyptian government is shameless and insults the Coptic minority

It is so habitual in Egypt.  Muslims attack Christians, the police acts too late, and then the authorities put pressure on Christians to not file charges in order for the perpetrators to not be punished.  This is shameless behavior by the authorities. Minorities deserve protection, especially when they are the victims of abuse by the government.

But the Copt of Farshoot are not prepared to give up on their rights.   They have said they will not be coerced into overlooking the mass riot that left reportedly 65 Christian shops damaged, as reported by Assyrian International News Agency on Sunday. Instead, they are uniting to make authorities recognize what happened and punish perpetrators.

Authorities, however, reportedly are putting pressure on the Coptic Church in Nag Hammadi, which is under the same governorate as Farshoot, to tell the victims to accept extrajudicial reconciliation and reopen their businesses without compensation. Police in Farshoot are also reportedly refusing to issue police reports to victims, forcing them to travel 37 miles away to make a report with the Attorney General in Qena, the capital of the governorate. Authorities have also not carried out an estimated loss investigation despite requests the church has made for a week. MORE HERE

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