Friday, August 21, 2009

TV race during Ramadan in Arab World

Ramadan just wouldn't be Ramadan in the Arab world without the region's television channels each offering an attractive line-up of shows every evening after iftar. It is during these 30 days when competition for viewers is at its highest – more viewers mean more advertisers, and resultantly, more money for the station.

Frankly, the holy month couldn't have come sooner for channel executives who are looking to make up for lost time due to the global economic crisis. Thanks to overall ad spend in the Arab world decreasing this year, it is anticipated that Ramadan programming will give a much-needed boost to the region's 300-odd channels and consequently, ad revenue growth.

"Ramadan is a very important time for TV channels, which is why there is competition to put out the best programmes for viewers," says Darwish Mohammed, General Manager of Dubai Racing – part of Dubai Media Incorporated, which also represents channels such as Dubai TV, Dubai One and Sama Dubai. MORE HERE

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