Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arab world is source of its own problems

Mostapha al-Mouloudi writes in The National of the UAE that the Arabs must stop blaming Israel for their problems. They have to look at themselves:

To ease the international pressure upon them, Israelis may exploit such scenes as massacres staged by Hamas in Gaza, killings on sectarian grounds in Iraq, the civil wars in Yemen, Somalia and Sudan, as well as the uncertain politics of Lebanon, wrote Saleh al Qalab in an opinion piece featured in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida. “So how would Arabs attending the UN General Assembly next September react if Israelis refer to this series of conflicts across the Arab world? The Israelis may say, ‘Do you want us to acquiesce to the demands of Arabs, who are slaughtering each other?’

“The bloody events around the Arab world are unjustifiable. The argument that ‘world Zionism’ stands behind the miseries of Arab countries does not hold much weight any more. Even laymen have grown sceptical about the validity of such a claim. A fact that cannot be denied is that the problem resides in our attitude, or in other words, the badness is within us. MORE HERE

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