Friday, August 14, 2009

Egyptian press discusses Abuna Zakaria's broadcasts

In chaos lies opportunity. Or does it? Religious controversies have hit the headlines and airwaves yet again with the launch of another Christian television channel broadcasting from outside Egypt on secondary satellite networks. The Coptic Church vehemently denies any direct link with the fundamentalist Christian broadcasts.

The honeymoon of the Coptic Christian satellite television station Al-Hayat, launched this week on NileSat, Egypt's premier satellite television company, ended almost before it started. The station is closely affiliated to defrocked Coptic priest Father Zakaria Boutros, the author of God is One in a Trinity.

Boutros has long antagonised Muslims for casting doubt on the authenticity of the Quran and denigrating the person and moral standing of Prophet Mohamed. Moreover, he claims that hundreds of Muslims have converted to Christianity after experiencing physical healings and deliverance from what he terms demonic fears and depression through his ministry. His claims have been widely publicised and stirred much controversy in Egypt and the Arab world.MORE of this artcile in al-Ahram HERE

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